Buying Land and Horse Property in the Colorado Springs Area

When purchasing land, ranch, or horse property in the Colorado Springs area you will need to know that there are several areas with their own, somewhat, unique climate and terrain. There are also areas with their own unique water issues. To the south of Colorado Springs is the Fountain area and is known as the “banana belt” of El Paso County, where you will find warmer weather, quite a bit of irrigation water, and lots of mature trees. This area is typically flatter than the land to the west. To the west of Colorado Springs is the Ute Pass and Woodland Park area, which is mountain property. To the east of Colorado Springs are the Peyton, Falcon, and Calhan area, which are typically rolling grassy plains with forever views. To the north of Colorado Springs is the historic town of Monument, which sits on the Palmer Divide. To the northeast of Colorado Springs is Black Forest, which typically has an abundance of evergreen trees. This area tends to get more snowfall with colder temperatures. radon testing colorado springs

Also, buyers must be aware of the water issues for Colorado Springs land, ranch, or horse properties for sale. If you are going to water livestock on land that is less than 35 acres, you must ensure that you have a well permit that allows the watering of livestock. If you do not, it is possible that you will have to haul water to your livestock, but you must also check to make sure that the zoning and covenants do allow for livestock.

For information regarding water issues in Colorado or the Colorado Springs area, you may go the Colorado Division of Water Resources website for more information. The website address is You may also visit the website for the Colorado Foundation for Water Education.

Other issues to be aware of are; easements, zoning, covenants, mineral rights, wind rights, and water rights.

Potential problems can be easements that are attached to the property and their use, the proper zoning for your particular use of the property, does your plan for the property abide by the covenants, if you are wanting mineral or wind rights, do those transfer with the property, if you are wanting to irrigate or develop, does the property have water rights, and if so are those water rights going to transfer with the property, is the property and area conducive to development. If you are wanting development property outside of city limits, their must be “water rights” which will transfer with the property, or an alternative water source which is usually purchased from a 3rd party. Water has recently sold as high as $15,000 per acre-foot. There are many issues to consider when purchasing these types of properties, and working with a knowledgeable Realtor is extremely important.



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